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At the Law Firm and Mediation Practice of Alla Roytberg, P.C., we bring more than 20 years of experience in mediation and litigation in New York courts to help people reduce costs and resolve conflicts with dignity. We have built and maintained our successful practice on a commitment to personal service, attention to detail and creative solutions to your legal problems.


People going through a divorce, separation or another legal process are often surprised by the cost of the process, both financially and emotionally. Families, spouses, fathers and mothers want a fair and cost-effective result that addresses their concerns and gives them closure. Every case is different. At the Law Firm and Mediation Practice of Alla Roytberg, P.C., we will use our initial meeting to listen and understand your specific concerns. Once we have the facts, we can work toward the process that will work best for your situation. Our goal in any dispute is to help resolve it with dignity, whether that is through mediation, collaborative law or, if necessary, litigation.

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  • Collaborative divorce: We are professionally trained to represent clients in the collaborative divorce law process, which transforms the way in which people resolve divorce and family disputes without the intervention of the court.
  • Pro Se Help: We help clients save money by providing them with consulting services if they choose to represent themselves in and out of court. For more information about Unbundled Services or Limited Scope Representation please click on the menu on the right side of the home page.
  • Real estate and ancillary general practice: We provide an ancillary general practice to our clients. We handle all issues involved in a residential or commercial real estate transaction, from the negotiation of terms to the closing. We review and prepare all the documents necessary to successfully complete your real estate transaction, including contracts and purchase agreements, deeds, mortgages, notes and other financing instruments. We review financials and offering plans in purchases of condominiums and cooperative apartments and help clients navigate the board approval process. We also review, negotiate and prepare commercial and residential leases and provide consultations on general legal matters.


  • We work as a neutral attorney-mediator to help individuals and businesses resolve civil disputes without the time and financial and emotional expense of litigation. We handle divorce and family mediation as well as business and commercial mediation.
  • Mediation is a private, voluntary, informal but structured process where the mediator assists the participants to resolve their dispute in a manner acceptable to all. The parties are more satisfied with the final agreement, because they created it, and are, therefore, more likely to comply with its terms.
  • If you are considering filing for divorce or are already a party to a matrimonial dispute, but you would like to resolve your differences while maintaining a positive, or at least civilized, relationship with your ex-spouse, you may want to consider divorce mediation as an alternative to the traditional divorce process. In fact, mediation should be your very first stop when deciding how to separate or divorce. Can you sit in the same room together and discuss property and parenting issues? Can you afford two lawyers and a protracted court case? Would you like to maintain an amicable relationship with your spouse after the divorce? In addition to reducing the emotional and financial costs of divorce, mediation can give you more control over the outcome, so that decisions about custody, support and property are not entrusted to a judge.
  • Likewise, if you are involved in a civil dispute, from a business matter to a landlord-tenant problem, from a partnership or employment issue to the breach of a contract, you may want to consider civil mediation as a way to minimize cost, maximize control and maintain relationships.



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