Estate Planning and Administration

Roytberg Traum Law and Mediation, P.C. prides itself in serving clients and families throughout various stages of life. Just was we strive to provide unique family law services that address clients’ specific needs, we offer a broad range of services within the realm of estate planning and administration, helping preserve our clients’ legacies.

Our service offerings include:

  • WILLS: Without a well drafted Will, state law governs who shall inherit your estate and in what proportions. Wills offer clients an opportunity to control the destiny of their assets and guide loved ones through difficult decision-making, informing them of your preferences regarding important medical directives and sharing your specific personal wishes. Roytberg Traum Law and Mediation, P.C. can assist you with drafting your Will, Healthcare Proxy, Living Will, Power of Attorney, and any other ancillary document that may be needed to protect you and your loved ones.
  • TRUSTS: Trusts can serve as a useful mechanism for managing your assets both during and after your life. Creators of a trust can utilize the trusts to manage property during their lifetime, distribute property after their passing, account for the needs of minors and other family members in need of unique support, and organize charitable gifts. Roytberg Traum Law and Mediation, P.C. can help you form your living trusts, revocable trusts, irrevocable trusts, supplemental needs trusts, animal companion trusts, and charitable remainder trusts.
  • ESTATE AND PROBATE ADMINISTRATION: Where families have lost a loved one without any estate planning documents to guide their administrative journey, or where loved ones have been named executors of estates in a Will, individuals must navigate the often confusing process of probate administration. Roytberg Traum Law and Mediation. helps executors and families navigate the probate administration process pursuant to the wishes of a decedent in a Will or in accordance with New York or New Jersey law.
  • ELDER MEDIATION: Elder mediation provides a private, neutral forum in which mediators help facilitate family decision-making regarding issues such as financial decision-making, residence decisions, medical treatment decisions, and inheritance disputes. Roytberg Traum Law and Mediation, P.C. recommends its elder mediation services to families struggle with such decision-making, in the interest of preserving family unity and honoring multi-generational interests.

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