Wills and Estate Issues

Wills and Estate Issues

Drafting a Will is an integral part of preserving your legacy for the future. When you draft and execute a Will, you retain control of your assets until the moment of your passing, and can revoke, modify, or amend it at any time. Many families choose to draft Wills in order to appoint guardians for minor children, clarify conflicts that might arise between first and second marriages, or offer legal rights to those who would not otherwise have them under state statute, such as friends or unmarried same-sex partners. Individuals who do not draft a Will leave their estates under the control of state statutes, potentially resulting in unwanted distribution of assets, overly burdensome taxation, and disputes between family members.

Our Wills Packages Include:

  • The drafting of simple or complex Wills for individuals, couples or families
  • The drafting of Powers of Attorney for individuals, couples or families
  • The drafting of Healthcare Proxies for individuals, couples or families
  • The drafting of Living Wills, directing medical treatment in the event of terminal illness or injury
  • The establishment of testamentary trusts or provisions for charitable giving
  • Formal execution of all documents, in accordance with the laws of New York or New Jersey

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