Ownership Transfers


In order to transfer ownership of a house or condominium from one owner to another, an attorney must draft and record appropriate deeds or similar legal instruments. When navigating such transfers, attorneys help evaluate precisely what interests are being conveyed, identify appropriate legal forms and protocols, and define how title to the property shall be held by the new owners. At the Law Firm and Mediation Practice of Alla Roytberg, P.C., experienced attorneys can assist with deed transfers as well as cooperative interest transfers associated with various stages of life, including real estate transactions, transfers upon divorce, transfers pursuant to a property dispute, transfers to trusts or will beneficiaries, and beyond.

Ownership Transfer Services:

  • Transfers during the sale or purchase of real property
  • Transfers pursuant to a divorce agreement or order
  • Transfers to a Trust
  • Transfers pursuant to the administration of an estate
  • Correction of previously recorded deeds
  • Cooperative transfers

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