Parenting Coordination

While emotions during a divorce or separation can be very strained, especially when considering child custody, the process of co-parenting does not cease to pose challenges even after the divorce or separation process has been completed. Even the most artful parenting plans may need to be revisited to address new issues, stress the unique traits each parent brings to enhance the child’s upbringing, and consider new realities that affect the child and parents alike.

We at the Law Firm and Mediation Practice of Alla Roytberg, P.C. offer parenting coordination services, aimed at helping parents put a court’s Order, or the terms of their parenting agreement, into effect as smoothly as possible.

Combining our courtroom experience with the skills applied to our robust mediation practice, we serve as neutrals that help parents navigate the changes that might need to be made to their parenting schedules and decision-making schemes, whether on an ongoing basis or for a special, unforeseen circumstance. Lara Traum is an AFCC trained and certified parenting coordinator. 

When so authorized by a court order, a parenting coordinator, unlike a mediator, is authorized to make a formal recommendation in the event that parents are unable to agree.

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