Real Estate

Residential Real Estate: houses, cooperative apartments, and condominiums

Residential Real Estate: houses, cooperative apartments, and condomin

Residential and Commercial Real Estate

If you are considering buying or selling residential or commercial real estate, you want an experienced attorney to protect your interests. Real estate transactions involve a substantial number of complex documents and require a high level of attention to detail. A single mistake in a document can have significant consequences.

At Roytberg Traum Law and Mediation, P.C., we bring over 30 years of experience to individuals and businesses throughout New York City and the surrounding communities, handling all matters related to residential and commercial real estate transactions. We have built and maintained our successful practice on a commitment to personal service and attention to detail. Contact us online to set up a free initial consultation.

Our Real Estate Practice

Roytberg Traum Law and Mediation, P.C. provides services related to:

  • Houses
  • Condominium Units
  • Cooperative Units
  • Ownership Transfers
  • Leases

We handle all aspects of the purchase or sale of residential or commercial real estate, from the financial review of the building and negotiation of initial contract terms to the review of bank commitments, applications for Board approval, preparation of closing documents and attendance at the closing itself. In addition to single family residences, we take care of all matters involving the purchase and sale of cooperative apartments and condominiums. Once you have agreed on the terms of sale, we will review and prepare all documents to successfully complete the transaction, including buy-sell agreements, deeds, mortgages, notes and other financing instruments, easements and restrictive covenants. We will also review the settlement statement before closing to ensure that it is correct and will appear on your behalf at the closing.

When you hire us to assist you with a residential or commercial real estate transaction, we will thoroughly review all the details of the proposed deal. If we don’t believe the deal is in your best interests, we will tell you so. We are not afraid to break the deal if we believe that doing so will protect your interests in the long run.

We review and prepare all types of real estate leases, from homes and apartments to commercial property. We also work with residential and commercial property owners who face foreclosure, helping you find ways to stop the proceedings. We have training in the foreclosure prevention network and can assist you with loan modification, short sales or other strategies to avoid foreclosure.

For a consultation, contact us. Our offices are open Monday through Friday, from 9 am until 6 pm; Sundays and evenings by appointment. We accept Visa,  MasterCard and payments by PayPal.