Alla was an excellent mediator – even tempered, productive, and professional. I would recommend her to others looking for family mediation services. ~J. Sacher

I would highly recommend Alla as a mediation lawyer. She is knowledgable and was very helpful in mediating our uncontested divorce ~John

Lara Traum is a truly gifted, efficient, and brilliant mediator and attorney. She was able to walk us through our divorce one step at a time and we were separated with papers signed within 4 or 5 sessions which felt like an absolute miracle. I am forever grateful for her legal guidance and expertise. ~Shira

My ex-husband and I used Lara for our mediation. She kept us calm when it got a little heated and managed to not only provide us with perfect legal guidance – she also made the entire process easier for us emotionally via her genuine, kind and patient personality. I can not speak highly enough of her and (as a result) already recommended her in my circle friends and business associates. ~Nadia

Alla is an excellent mediator and helped us wrap a 2.5 year contentious divorce process with only a couple of sessions. Thank you! ~D. Gopaul

Alla is an expert in the field of divorce mediation.
As a Financial Planner, her advice has been extraordinarily helpful with untying difficult divorce & money conversations. ~R. Hernandez


Negotiation and Collaborative Law

Alla Roytberg handled my divorce efficiently and with all possible speed. Unlike many lawyers, who charge by the hour, she charged a flat fee, so the cost did not balloon each time I had a question. Alla was generous with her time, patiently and clearly answering all questions. Under pandemic conditions, she operated without a glitch. Given the financial and real estate complexities of my divorce and the fact that it took place under the byzantine legal system of New York State, it was remarkably speedy. I have Alla to thank for that.  ~Laura

Hiring Lara was the best decision I could have made. Lara’s work is thorough, she returns calls, emails and text promptly. I appreciated how considerate she is, and the ease of working with her. ~Sara

I am a partner at a large New York law firm, and my standards are naturally high but when it came to helping me with my divorce I turned to Alla who was fantastic – smart, practical, reasonable, responsive and professional. Thank you again. ~Anonymous

Consulting and Coaching:


Alla helped me go through a difficult divorce process providing not only legal advice but a moral support. ~V. Gurevich

I did not have the resources to hire an attorney for representation in a move to modify custody and support orders in a NY Family Court. A friend gave me Alla’s name and I contacted her for a consultation to help me with self-representation. The thing I noticed immediately after the first meeting was that she seemed to have a way of assessing the overall issues quickly and then the ability to provide guidance which gave me confidence to continue. The second thing I noticed was that she was correct in her advice, which is why I returned to her for further consultations. I would recommend Alla for anyone who is looking for a good lawyer who has a comprehensive understanding of NY family Courts and also, a good understanding of what individual people need. ~Steve

Lara, was great and efficient with her advice and counsel. She is extremely professional, and knowledgeable – her approach is finding the middle ground, understanding that one can use the law, but a better, more effective strategy can be working it out between parties. Highly recommend. ~Tex

Lara is an outstanding Family Law attorney; she is extremely ethical and highly intelligent. Her ability to quickly understand the most complex issues and develop winning strategies is superb. Lara knows the Supreme and Family Courts’ players and processes inside and out. Lara has been my back bone for over two years supporting me throughout the most difficult times and providing me not only with the right legal advise, but also with the peace of mind I needed day over day, year over year. I trust Lara with my heart, as I know she tirelessly works to achieve the best possible outcome for my child and me within the boundaries of the Law. Lara approaches the most intense and stressful situations in a calm and compassionate manner with superb knowledge and strategic application of the Law. ~Jackie

I was introduced to Alla with the highest recommendation by one of her colleagues, praising her integrity. My case had “post judgement” complications and there was a lot to cover. Alla always listened with full attention and patience. She was consistently ready with solid and practical guidance and great resource for more targeted solutions. I could trust that she knew how to get from point A to B in the most time efficient and simplest way.
I would like to add that on top of her great professionalism, she is compassionate and kind, which I truly appreciated. ~SH

I want to take a moment to personally thank Lara for a consultation session that was very enlightening. She provided some very valuable tools that X and her lawyer can use to properly represent her. I share Lara’s position that an informed client can influence the outcome of his or her case by working very closely with the attorney on the case. X is well informed of the value of the cross petition approach. She will use it to her benefit. This is a very stressful time for our family. However, conversing with Lara made all three of us feel a lot better.  We thank you. ~J. C. Legros


Past Representation in Litigation


Alla Royberg was my divorce lawyer. I got victory from the Supreme Court here in New York 2013 because of her intellectual and hard work. Alla can be reached at any time of the day, night or even holidays. She keeps her office open even on Sunday, which makes everyone life easy. She has a reasonable fees. Bravo Alla. ~B. Acharya

As a client of Mrs. Alla Roytberg, I feel confident in recommending her to anyone looking for a thoughtful, thorough and very competent attorney. I feel that Mrs. Roytberg understands her clients’ needs and fights hard for their rights. I sought the counsel and representation of Mrs. Roytberg after being involved in hostile Divorce process that had been going on for over a year. At that point, I had spent more than twenty thousald dollars in attorney’s fees which caused so much demage to my case financialy and emotionaly. My overall experience with Mrs. Roytberg is that she is genuine and cares, profesional and legally skilled. She sugested the best legal strategy for me and gave me the confidence I needed to face this challenge of my life. She understood my case very well and her advice was perfect. Mrs. Roytberg is an ethical lawyer who comes very highly recommended. ~Eva

Alla represented me in my divorce case in 2015. I found her via Avvo and after the consultation, I hired her since she gave me confidence that I will have a fair shot in the fight. As a father in NYC, it’s an uphill battle to gain a favorable outcome. When you add young children and a vengeful spouse into the mix, it just gets worse. Alla represented me in family court and supreme court as the case goes through multiple frivolous motions, baseless claims. Throughout the journey, Alla patiently explained the steps and the best strategies to deal with a spiteful opponent. She responded promptly to all my emails and managed to give me calm despite all the turmoils. In court, Alla methodically and expertly refuted all the claims and motions, one by one. Looking at the stack of court paper on my desk, I’m still amazed by the many motions the mom filled and how all of them were denied. It took more than a year and a half to finalize our divorce with a great outcome. I was able to negotiate full custody of the children and move the kids out of NYC. The financial cost is huge but would be catastrophic without her representation. Funny enough, my ex-spouse even asked Alla to represent her in post-divorce motions against me. It’s just more proof of how effective her representation is perceived. To conclude, I strongly recommend Alla to anyone looking for a great divorce attorney. She will do her best for you. I still keep in touch with her to this day because who knows, I may need her help in the future. ~Andy


Lawyer for Life:


Alla Roytberg has assisted me with various legal transactions for more than ten years. She has helped me purchase a coop apartment, sell that apartment, and buy another. She has an extensive and deep knowledge of real estate law as well as vast experience dealing with cooperative management structures in New York, which tend to have their own byzantine rules and quirky behaviors. She has done it all while remaining calm, professional, and responsive. Ms. Roytberg has also helped me in divorce mediation and to settle certain sensitive issues around child custody. This entailed two party mediation and drawing up terms. I found Ms. Roytberg to be again straightforward and tough as well as helpful. ~L.

Alla Roytberg/her firm handled several personal matters for me over the years. She has excellent attention and retention of details, respects the law and finds best solutions for her clients. This firm has provided me and my family with “peace of mind,” practical advice and good resolutions when sought in ordinary and urgent circumstances. ~M. Berkovich

Alla Roytberg has been my attorney in two lawsuits. My experience has been very positive in every respect. Alla is a very experienced, knowledgeable, attentive, detail-oriented, and thoughtful attorney. She is very responsive and easy to communicate with. I highly recommend the services offered by her firm. ~L. Tevlin

Excellent service. I have used Alla’s firm for all my legal needs and would highly recommend her to anyone . I have done closings, wills and divorce using Alla’s firm. ~Alina

Alla Roytberg has successfully handled a number of cases for my family over the last 20+ years. She is intelligent, dependable, and diligent. I highly recommend Alla Roytberg’s and her law office staff! ~Irene

After Vetting other Attorneys in her Field with No Success, I Hired Mrs. Traum Immediately, she was a breath of fresh Air. She Clearly & Efficiently Communicated at All Times. Gave Great Advice on how To Proceed with My Case. Understood my urgency & managed my expectations. She was personable, easy to communicate with, & highly knowledgeable. I have & will continue to highly recommend her and she will be my “go to” attorney for matters of this nature in the future. Smooth Sailing from Beginning to End. ~Madeline


Estate Planning:

What a great attorney!! She used her amazing mediation abilities and estate knowledge to help my family finally complete their estate packages. She answered all their questions by phone and in person, helped them sign their documents on their schedule, and even offered advisement on how to navigate possible probate issues. She has a nice, calming presence that works well with everyone, no matter what type of background, political affiliation, or level of income. I would use her again to alter the documents, if needed, in the future, and I would recommend her to any one who needs mediation or trust and estate work. ~E.

I am very thankful for having meet and retained Lara Traum to advise my family regarding Dad’s will and estate planning.
Lara thoughtfully and clearly explained our options and crafted a plan that addressed our individual needs.
I highly recommend Lara Traum to anyone in need of these services. ~R. Merola


Lara Traum, Esq. is an expert estate planning attorney. I appreciate that she thoroughly explained each page of my estate planning package, answered all my questions, and offered future follow up. I will definitely recommend her to my family and friends. ~N. Weinberg


Colleague Testimonials

Alla is smart, thorough, and deeply cares about her clients. She not only fights aggressively for them, but tries to find solutions that work for them in the long run. I have referred many clients to her over the years and have only received positive feedback from them. I would refer to her without hesitation. ~Anonymous

My colleague, Lara is intelligent, patient, and trustworthy. She is an expert at enabling parties to develop creative solutions through mediation so they can avoid the time and expense of formal litigation. ~Jennifer King

I have known Alla for many years and I have hired her regularly in my practice as a drafting attorney. I cannot say enough about her qualities as a mediator and review/consulting attorney. She is conscientious, meticulous, knowledgeable, creative, warm, and with high ethical standards. She is also a true leader in the field, and many professionals seek out her advice because she’s so knowledgeable. But most of all, she is effective in what she does, whether with clients or with other professionals. I cannot recommend Alla Roytberg more highly. ~Judie Stein

Highly knowledgeable, experienced and compassionate legal services. Great sensitivity to the complexities of family law situations. And just plain nice people! ~Neil Jacobs






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