Estate and Probate Administration


Where families have lost a loved one without any estate planning documents to guide their administrative journey, or where loved ones have been named executors of estates in a Will, individuals must navigate the often confusing process of probate administration. The Law Firm and Mediation Practice of Alla Roytberg, P.C. helps executors and families navigate the probate administration process pursuant to the wishes of a decedent in a Will or in accordance with New York or New Jersey law.

Our Estate and Probate Administration Services Include:

  • Assisting Executors with the probate of family members’ Wills and administration of Estates for those who passed without Wills, including acquisition of letters testamentary and moving the case through the required process in the Surrogate’s Court
  • Navigating Deed and Coop Transfers
  • Amending Documents, such a death certificates
  • Administering Trusts and providing Trustees with necessary documentation
  • Helping clients with international estate assets and international family members

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